Avoiding Common Electrical Fire Hazards in Your Home


At this time of year, it’s a good idea to be conscientious about the electrical fire hazards that may exist in your home.  After all, you’re probably getting your house ready for the holidays anyway.  As you’re moving furniture and hanging décor, why not check for the following common issues?

1.  Outdated electrical cords.  (Get new extension cords rather than overloading old ones.)

2.  Overloaded electrical outlets.

3.  Electric blankets that aren’t turned off.

4.  Small appliances that are plugged in all the time.

Items rubbing against electrical outlets.

6.  Extension cords running under rugs.

7.  Frayed extension cords or electrical cords.

8.  Water near appliances or electrical outlets.

Should you notice any electricity-related problems, address them as soon as you possible can.  That way, you can enjoy a safe and happy holiday.

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