9 Quick Fixes to Destroy Airborne Household Allergens


Is the air in your house as clean as it can be?

(If you said, “Yes, of course”, we just have to ask: Are you sure?)

Fact is, there are tons of airborne household allergens just waiting to give you and those you love a case of the sneezes, sniffles, coughs or worse.  But these 9 quick fixes will help you get the jump on any unwanted stuff flying around your home.

  1. Run a dehumidifier so your home’s humidity is always below 60%.
  2. Replace your air filters regularly.
  3. Vacuum the busiest areas of your house every day.
  4. Launder clothing as soon as possible.  (Outside particles cling to your shirts, pants, etc., so the faster you can clean them, the better.)
  5. Brush and groom any outdoor pets on a daily basis.
  6. Ask everyone to wear socks or slippers in the house, rather than shoes that have been worn outside.
  7. Keep all surfaces scrubbed and debris-free.
  8. Run exhaust fans for long enough after showers to take the humidity out of the air.
  9. Get all ductwork cleaned at least once a year.

Don’t let airborne household allergens make you sick.  Take care of them by being sneakier than they are… and feel free to call us at SECCO to help!

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