8 ways to keep your home healthy this winter


It’s that time of the year in central Pa.  The air is chilly, the leaves are falling and… unfortunately… colds and flus are rearing their ugly heads!

Though this is to be expected to a certain extent, there ARE measures you can take to make sure your home is “healthy”.  Check out our top eight ways to keep your home from becoming a sick environment this winter.

#1: Get your ductwork cleaned

Guess what?  All those germs, pollen/dust particles, mold/mildew and additional “fun” stuff has been collecting in your ductwork all spring, summer and fall.  This will circulate throughout your house, creating an environment conducive to sickness, UNLESS you get your ductwork professionally cleaned.

#2:  Regularly clean surfaces that are shared

Did you know that studies have found that surfaces like phones and doorknobs can contain many times more germs than your toilet seat?  Wow!  Make sure everyone in your home knows that they should clean and disinfect communal areas regularly.

#3:  Clean up all food

Yeah, it’s tempting to leave that pizza lying out all night… but that’s just an invitation to critters and insects.  And those critters and insects leave droppings and other nasty “calling cards” behind, creating the perfect environment for you and your family to develop reactions.  Therefore, it’s wise to bag, box or pitch all uneaten food.

#4:  Increase the humidity in your household if it’s dry AND decrease the humidity in your household if it’s moist

Too dry or moist air can create problems for many individuals, so if you increase or decrease the humidity in your house, it may help keep your family from getting sick as much (or at all).

#5:  Have your furniture items and carpets cleaned

What could be better than a clean sofa or carpet?  Don’t allow pollen, dust, mold, dander and dirt to make those spaces “home”.

#6:  Get all your drafts taken care of now

Have areas in your home that allow your heat to be sucked out?  Take care of those drafts ASAP by calling SECCO.

#7:  Make certain your family gets fresh air

Don’t stay cooped up inside for the entirety of winter.  Physicians recommend fresh air for staying healthy, so don your warmest outfit and head out into the coolness for a brisk walk, jog, run or hike.

#8:  Change your furnace filter

When you make this kind of change in your furnace filter, you’ll be ensuring that the filter is working at optimal levels and screening out the air particles that would otherwise enter your rooms.

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