8 Signs Your Indoor Air Quality Is Questionable


8 Signs Your Indoor Air Quality Is Questionable

Your home should be a refuge from the outside world.  It’s a place to relax and unwind.  When you’re there, you can spend time with friends and family without the concerns of day-to-day stressors.  You can even turn off all your computer and mobile devices, allowing you to have moments of being truly disconnected.  It’s such an important place… and that’s why it should be a healthy environment.
One of the biggest barriers to healthy homes is indoor air quality.  When the air indoors is filled with pollen, dust, debris and other unwanted  particulate, it’s time to do something about it.  But how do you know that there’s a problem?  Usually, there are very visible signs that indicate it’s time to pick up the phone to talk to someone about cleaning the ductwork, adding a dehumidifier, and/or installing air purification or oxidation systems.

  1. You and your family keep getting sick.  Sometimes, it isn’t what’s outside the home that’s making you ill.. it’s what’s inside.
  2. The house has a bad smell.  Nasty odors can start to form when air quality is low.
  3. You have mold on your walls.  That mold is going to end up in the air sooner or later, and that’s a potentially hazardous situation because mold has been linked to respiratory illnesses and chronic medical issues.  Plus, mildew air usually makes your home (or parts of your home) smell musty, which is never pleasant.
  4. You can see particles of debris floating in the air.  On sunny days, does the sunlight coming through your windows reflect off the airborne dust throughout your home?  That’s a big sign it’s time to do something about the situation.
  5. You or someone in your household can’t seem to overcome seasonal allergies.  The culprit could be pollen that’s being recirculated in your house, not the pollen that’s outside your windows.
  6. You or someone in your household has regular asthma attacks that happen indoors, not outdoors.  Asthma is a serious respiratory condition.  You can better control asthma by making sure that your home’s air is as purified as possible.
  7. There is a lot of dust on your air vents.  In this case, your air filtration is probably lacking in some way.  The dust is gathering because the air isn’t being filtered properly.  Another issue could be that you haven’t been regularly replacing your furnace’s air filter.
  8. Your contact lenses hurt when you’re in your home.  Remember that dirt that’s in the air is also landing in your eyes.  This can dry out your contact lenses, or make them so dusty that they begin to feel uncomfortable.

The good news is that poor indoor air quality is a reversible dilemma.  The first step is calling a professional heating and cooling company that focuses on residential air quality improvement.  From there, you can decide the wisest course of action to improve all the air circulating through the rooms in your house.

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