8 Most Common Household Repairs


The 8 Most Common Household Repairs

    1. Clogged Drains – Many of these calls could be avoided by taking greater care in what you put down drains – especially the kitchen sink drain; the most used and most clogged drain in the house. We also recommend regular treatment with Bio-Clean, a drain cleaner sold only through plumbing contractors.
    2. Dripping Faucets – This is an annoyance that most homeowners have to deal with from time to time as the washers in the faucets wear out with use. You can extend the life of your faucet washers by not turning them off with too much force.
    3. Leaking Pipes – In extreme cases, these can cause expensive damage to floors and belongings. To stop a small leak from turning into a big one, take a look at your pipes periodically to check for rust or white lime deposits that may indicate a leak is starting.
    4. Leaking Water Heaters – Most often when you have a leak, it is time to get rid of the water heater. Usually leaks indicate rusting through at the bottom of the storage tank, for which there is no good repair. By the time this happens, the water heater is usually so old you would benefit from replacing it with a more energy-efficient model.
    5. Running & Leaking Toilets – This is not only an annoyance, but a waste of water and money. Leaking toilets can cost you upwards of $100 a year on your water bills. If you hear a low humming noise, or if the toilet continues to run into the bowl after the toilet is flushed, it indicates that some part of the mechanism is out of order. Sometimes a little jiggle of the ball-cock or flush valve mechanism can solve the problem. Otherwise you may need to replace the entire mechanism.
    6. No Air Conditioning or Heating – When your air conditioning unit, furnace, or heat pump stops operating, it can make for a long uncomfortable night. An ounce of planned maintenance is worth a ton. It is important to make sure your heating and cooling systems are functioning properly before the first hot snap or cold streak of the year.
    7. New Faucet Installation – Many homeowners replace faucets not only when they break down, but for decorative reasons as well. This is the ninth most common reason for a service call in the United States, according to the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Information Bureau or the PHCIB.A few people buy a faucet from a home center and then call a plumbing firm to do the installation. This is okay, but be forewarned that in doing so, the plumbing firm will warrant only the workmanship, not the faucet itself.
    8. Malfunctioning Food Waste Disposer – This can be a messy headache for homeowners. Here are several tips to keep your unit in good working order. First, always run cold water when grinding to move the waste all the way down the drain lines. Fats and grease congeal and harden on cold water and can be flushed through the system. Hot water should not be used because it can dissolve fats and grease, which may then accumulate in the drain line.

Does your home have any of the above problems?

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