7 Signs Your Furnace Is On Its Last Legs


Trying to discern if something needs repaired or replaced can be tough, especially as it gets older. If your furnace is getting up on years, or you’re noticing that it doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to, it may indeed need replaced.

Here are some signs that your furnace may need replaced:

  1. Your furnace is making strange noises. Noticing banging, clanging or rattling noises? Does it sound like your furnace blower is constantly running? This is something that needs attention.
  2. Your heating bills are rising. It’s perfectly normal for gas and electric bills to fluctuate, but if you’re noticing that your bills are steadily rising, you may need to think about furnace replacements. As your furnace ages, it loses efficiency, especially if it hasn’t been properly and consistently maintained.
  3. You’re making frequent repairs. The occasional repair job is expected, especially with older models. The problem is when you start making multiple repairs constantly just to keep your furnace in working order. Most furnace breakdowns occur within the last two years of life expectancy.
  4. Your Burner Flame is the wrong color. Your burner flame should be a steady, bright blue. A flickering yellow flame is indicative of incomplete burn and potentially carbon monoxide.
  5. You’re constantly at the Thermostat. Are you constantly adjusting the thermostat in order to maintain comfort? Are some rooms cooler than others?
  6. You and your family are frequently sick. Flu symptoms are very similar to carbon monoxide exposure symptoms (headaches, nausea, trouble breathing).
  7. Your home air quality is dry or stuffy. Are you noticing your allergies are worse in the winter? Modern furnaces have the ability to clean and humidify the air, old or dying furnaces do not.

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