7 Cool Ways to Learn to Enjoy the Heat


Yup, it’s getting hot, and it’s only going to get hotter.  This means you have a couple of choices:

  • Hate the heat and rue each and every day, wishing for fall and winter.
  • Enjoy the heat by taking some easy steps.

Obviously, we recommend you embrace the second choice.  That’s why we’ve put together seven cool ways to enjoy the heat this summer.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated.  Having water on hand (especially if it’s icy water) will help you stay refreshed inside and out.  Other beverages will work, too; just be careful about imbibing drinks made with alcohol, as they can cause dehydration.
  2.  Install air conditioning in your home.  If you don’t have central air conditioning, you have plenty of possibilities in terms of air conditioning.  Even if your home has no room for ductwork, you can consider a ductless system.
  3. Go to the nearest pool or lake.  There’s nothing like a day poolside, at the beach or beside the lake.  Even a walk alongside a stream can feel incredibly refreshing.  Wear your sunscreen, though!
  4. Exercise in the early morning or later evening.  If you’re accustomed to exercising outside during the heat of the day (usually noon-3 p.m.), switch up your routine.  By exercising much earlier or (if you can do it safely) later, you’ll avoid becoming overheated, and you can still enjoy the weather.
  5. Eat light on hot days.  Take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables available this time of year by eating more salads and fruit-based desserts.  Your body will feel less “weighed down”, and you might even drop a few pounds.  (Incidentally, if you’re overweight, losing weight will assist in making the heat feel less oppressive.)
  6. Dress for the weather.  Even if you have to wear long pants and sleeves at work, try to change before heading out to your car.  You’ll feel much better.
  7. Wear light-colored clothing.  When the sun is out, lighter colors will help keep your body cooler.  Avoid black, navy or dark brown; instead, opt for white, pastels or light neutral shades.  You’ll be amazed at the difference a switch in shades can make!

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