5 Ways to Help Stop the Stink Bug Invasion!


5 Ways to Help Stop Avoid the Stink Bug INVASION!

Every person in central Pennsylvania has experienced those flying, buzzing, annoying critters known as stink bugs (Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Halyomorpha halys). From Carlisle to Hershey and Harrisburg to Marysville, they have invaded homes, garages, barns, sheds and porches, much to homeowners’ dismay. However, there are some precautions you can take to make it harder for stink bugs to ruin your day… or night.

  1. Seal up Your HomeNot only will sealing up your home help you get more efficiency from your HVAC equipment, but it will also make it much tougher for stink bugs to take residence in your house. Stink bugs are crafty and can sneak in through very tiny holes in walls, joists, floorboards, etc. The more precautions you take to seal up any potential entryways, the less likely you’ll be to see them when the weather gets cooler.
  2. Kill Them the Right WayWe all have a tendency to want to smack and crush bugs, but stink bugs shouldn’t be squished. After all, they got their name because of the odor they release when they are frightened or killed. The better way to deal with them is to grab them with toilet paper, throw them in the toilet, and flush them down the drain.You can also have a jar of soapy water ready. When an individual stink bug makes it into your home, use a piece of paper to pick the insect up and then dump it into the jar. Stink bugs and water don’t mix, and the soap will help kill them without allowing their terrible aroma to waft through your house.
  3. Keep Lights Off OutsideStink bugs, like many insects, love lights. Although you want to keep certain lights on for your protection, remember that the more lights you have, the more stink bugs you’ll attract. When you’re going in and out of your house, try not to allow any stink bugs to tag along!
  4. Use the HoseIn some parts of the Mechanicsburg/Camp Hill/Linglestown area, homeowners have reported finding hundreds of stink bugs attached to one side of their home. You can use a hose on high power to spray them off your house, but make sure you plan to use a Shop-Vac (with soapy water) to scoop up any that are temporarily surprised. Some will fly away, but you can at least kill some of them.
  5. Call a Bug Infestation SpecialistIf you’re at the end of your rope and you’ve done everything else, you can always call a bug infestation specialist. They will likely recommend that the perimeter of your property be sprayed with chemicals to stop stink bugs from invading your home. Make sure you understand the possible side effects of exposure to the pesticide by humans or pets before going this route. Some pesticides are very strong, and if you have a number of outside cats that will be tough to control, you may not wish to have them exposed to the pesticide being used.

Do you have any tips to help stop the stink bugs?

Maybe we missed a great tip on how to stop the stink bugs! We’d love to hear any handy ways you figured out how to keep these stinky critters from invading your home.

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