35 Tips for Preparing Your House for Spring and Summer

1. Check (and replace, if necessary) carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

2. Check and replace all weather stripping on your home.

3. Have a professional evaluate your home for leaks and cracks so you don’t lose money on air conditioning.

4. Recaulk any areas that require caulking or have lost their caulking.

5. Examine and repair any parts of the roof or siding that require work.

6. Clean out all your gutters and downspouts.

7. Clean up and prune all greenery around your home before planting your garden.

8. Pressure wash your deck, patio and concrete areas.

9. Have your air conditioning unit checked by a professional.

10. Change the HVAC filters in your air conditioning unit or the filters in any wall air conditioners.

11. Clean your windows inside and out.

12. Clean off your ceiling fans, and turn them to “spring/summer” mode to circulate the cool air when the temperature soars.

13. If you used it during the winter, have your fireplace cleaned by an expert.

14. Check your fire extinguishers to make sure they are still within functioning parameters.

15. Begin to plant your garden so you’ll have fresh produce and herbs in the next few months.

16. Take out and check your lawn mower.

17. Inspect your dryer vent. It’s more than likely that it needs to be cleaned out, so do it yourself or hire an expert to do it for you.

18. Repaint any areas of your home that have faded over the winter months, especially exterior surfaces.

19. Examine your garden hose to ensure it doesn’t have any leaks.

20. Collect all the items in your home that you no longer need and either throw them away, donate them or sell them.

21. Clean all your draperies.

22. Professionally clean your carpeting.

23. Dust all those nooks and crannies you’ve been allowing to collect dirt and debris during the wintertime.

24. Have your ductwork cleaned out so particles aren’t sent into the air when the air conditioning kicks on.

25. Organize your pantry and linen closets.

26. Rearrange your furniture for a new look.

27. Bring a little “spring” into your home with a new plant or fresh flowers! (Just make sure the plant or flowers aren’t potentially dangerous for your pets to be around.)

28. Check your bathroom exhaust fan, and replace it if needed.

29. Make the move to energy-efficient CFL lightbulbs.

30. Consider adding a whole-house fan to your residence.

31. Clean (or replace) all your pillows and bedclothes.

32. Maximize the natural lighting in your home, especially during this time of year. Open the windows and let the sun shine in!

33. Bring out the patio furniture and restore or repair anything that’s out of place.

34. Plan to reseal your deck.

35. Clean your upholstery.

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