22 Weeks of Summer: Post #8 – Are Your Pipes Well-Insulated? (It Matters, Even in the Summer!)


In the wintertime, you often hear about the virtues of making sure your pipes are well-insulated. However, it’s just as important during the summer months.

No, your pipes aren’t going to freeze during the blazing heat of July; however, they could still burst because of poor insulation. Perhaps worst of all, your pocketbook could be negatively affected by the money you’re just throwing down the drain.
Whenever water – cool or hot – is running through your pipes, you want the temperature to remain the same throughout the process. If you desire hot water for your shower, dishes or cooking, you don’t want to have temperature fluctuations, because those fluctuations tempt you to allow the water to run and run (and run) simply to achieve the desired temperature. And if you want cold water, you may do the same.

Though the precise percentage of water temperature loss/fluctuations vary depending upon the types of pipes you have, if they are not well-insulated, you can be sure that you’re losing some of your hard-earned cash. And even if it’s just a few dollars a week, that certainly adds up over time.

The best bet is to thoroughly ensure that all your pipes are well-insulated no matter what the season. And once you can satisfactorily get them to a point where you’re not losing dollars, all you have to do is maintain them over time.

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