22 Weeks of Summer: Post #7 – Staying Comfy without Cranking up Your Air Conditioner


Just because SECCO Home Services is in the air conditioning industry doesn’t mean we recommend cracking up your air conditioner all summer.  In fact, there are some easy ways to stay comfy without adding wear and tear to your HVAC unit OR adding dollars to your utility bills.

Some of the fastest ways to maintain a high level of physical comfort without resorting to continuously fiddling with your programmable thermostat include:

  1. Keeping your windows covered during the hottest (or sunniest) parts of the day.
  2. Installing ceiling fans in the most frequently used rooms or areas.
  3. Wearing cooler clothing in the house, such as shorts and T-shirts.  (There’s no reason to wear jeans around the house and swelter if you can wear shorts and feel cooler!)
  4. Keeping a cool drink (non-alcoholic) with you at all times and staying hydrated.
  5. Waiting until the temperature goes down outside to do heavier housework.

What are your favorite ways to stay comfy in the summer?

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