22 Weeks of Summer: Post #3 – Pre-Plan for Your BEST Summer Vacation!


Want to have the best possible summer vacation experience?  It’s important to pre-plan; that way, you won’t have too many unexpected (or unpleasantly so, anyway!) surprises.

Here are some of the ways you can pre-plan your summer vacation for maximum safety, cost-effectiveness and fun!

  • Even if you don’t have pets, ask a friend to stop by your house regularly while you’re away.  The last thing you want is to come home to an overflowing toilet, puddles of water in your basement or an air conditioning unit on the fritz.
  • Unless you’re happy with flying by the seat of your pants, purchase all tickets, etc., now.  Usually, the best rates can be had before the temperature rises too much.
  • Have each member of your family put together a list of items he or she wants to bring on summer vacation.  Then, check to see if there are items on the list that can be eliminated.  Most people over-pack, especially with clothing.  Be realistic – do you really need 20 different outfits for a summer vacation lasting one week?
  • Get your vehicle serviced if you’re going to be driving on any part of your summer vacation.  Have the tires rotated and checked, the oil changed, etc.
  • Is plane travel going to be part of your summer vacation?  The regulations for what is allowed (and, perhaps more importantly, what is not) are constantly changing.  Be certain that you are prepared, because going through the airport security can be challenging if you’re not ready.
  • Bring items along for any kids who might get bored during the trip to and from your summer vacation venue.  These can be anything from electronic devices to books to hand-held games.  In a pinch, “Twenty Questions”, “I Spy” or even checking for different state license plates will work!
  • Plan to bring some snack items along with you on your trip.  This can save money because you won’t be paying for fast food along the way.
  • Get your HVAC unit serviced before you leave; that way, you’ll be sure that nothing is likely to break down when you’re away.  Similarly, fix any broken windows, screens, etc.
  • Purchase a programmable timer so you can have your house lights go on and off at regular intervals throughout the day.  That way, your house won’t be dark for a week.
  • Rather than coming back to a shaggy lawn (and tons of gardening), hire someone to mow it while you’re away.
  • If you aren’t going to have anyone check on your home regularly, have the post office hold your mail.

Have some summer vacation pre-planning tips you’d like to share?  Leave a comment on our blog or at our Facebook page!

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