22 Weeks of Summer: Post #2 – Why Does the Summer Heat Make You Feel So Doggone Yucky?


After so many centuries of dealing with hot summers, why is it that the human body still becomes uncomfortable when the temperature rises above a certain point? (And it must be noted here that the “point” is different for each person; some people reach it at 75 degrees Fahrenheit, others at 90 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Of course, there is a biological reason that we can’t quite hack it without finding cool comfort (e.g., the shade, the basement, a pool, a cool bath or shower, indoor air conditioning). In a nutshell, it has to do with how fast heat is exiting your body. For instance, when the thermometer rises, there comes a point where your body cannot rid itself of heat without sweating. It’s then that you start to get that really “blechy” feeling. (Yep, that’s a technical term.)

When you add high humidity to the equation, it gets even worse.

Again, for some individuals, it feels exceptionally good to hang out on an 85 degree day while others are sweltering. So there is some variation as to what one person can handle compared with what another one can take.

In any case, we recommend that whatever your preferred summer temperature, you stay hydrated with a cool, non-caffeinated beverage as you beat the central Pennsylvania summer heat waves!

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