21 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade


21 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade
Your Heating or Air Conditioning Equipment

If you recognize any of these 21 signs with your air conditioning or heating system, it could be a signal that your system needs repaired or even replaced. If you are experiencing any of these problems, give us a call at 717.254.4555 and our Expert Technicians will help fix the problems!

  1. Air Conditioner and Heat PumpYour utility bills and usage keep going up but you don’t seem to be using your heating or cooling equipment more often than normal.
  2. Your heating and/or air conditioning system is more than a decade old.
  3. Your air handler makes odd noises, and they don’t go away after repairs.
  4. You have to run your furnace longer to heat your house.
  5. Your furnace no longer heats your house.
  6. You just bought a home and don’t know how old your heating or cooling equipment is, and it didn’t seem to be maintained.
  7. You are constantly repairing your furnace or air conditioning system.
  8. Your furnace runs, but has been getting noisier year after year.
  9. Your house never seems to be comfortable; it’s always too hot or too cold.
  10. You have to fiddle with the thermostat several times each day.
  11. Your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be helping with the household humidity levels.
  12. Your heating or air conditioning system warranties have all run out, and the amount you’re paying in repairs could be better put into a new model.
  13. You have begun to worry about the emissions released by your heating equipment due to its old age.
  14. You are starting to rethink your desire to have oil-based heat, and want to switch to electric, natural gas or solar.
  15. You’ve noticed the air quality in your home has gone down season after season, even after you’ve gotten your ductwork cleaned.
  16. You’re planning to sell your home and want to get as close to what you and your realtor feel is market value as possible.
  17. You’re planning on undergoing a home remodel that will alter the existing livable and/or usable square footage of your home.
  18. You have had at least one experience where the carbon monoxide detector in your house goes off.
  19. Your Expert Technician has suggested an upgrade might be in the future for your furnace and other equipment.
  20. You’ll be able to get a future tax rebate/credit if you purchase a new heating or cooling system this year.
  21. You stress out every time you use your furnace or air conditioner because you know it’s on its “last legs”.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these signs, it’s time to give SECCO Home Services a call. We’ll help you decide if you really need new HVAC equipment, or if there are other adjustments you can make to improve your home efficiency, air quality and comfort. We even have Fast, Easy Financing available, so you don’t have to worry about costly repairs or system replacements.

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