15 Tips for New Central PA Homeowners


If you’ve just bought your first house in central Pennsylvania, congratulations!  Becoming a new homeowner is an exciting experience.  It’s also one worthy of some tips from people who have been in your place.  Below are 15 of the most helpful hints for first-time property buyers:

  1. Make sure your water heater temperature is set below 120 degrees (F).
  2. Replace your thermostat with a programmable model.  If a programmable one is already in place, learn how to set it.
  3. Set up a maintenance agreement with SECCO Home Services to service your HVAC equipment twice a year.
  4. Clean out your ductwork and your dryer vents.
  5. Get to know where everything is from your water shutoff valve(s) to the electrical breaker box.
  6. After the first big rainstorm, check the ceiling for leaks, and the basement for water.
  7. Start working on landscaping sooner rather than later.  Plants and trees can get out of hand quickly!
  8. Read over your homeowner’s insurance so you understand the parameters of the contract.
  9. Check all the toilets and sinks for leaks.  Slow drips cost money over time!
  10. Learn how to replace the air filter in your furnace.
  11. As you get each month’s utility bill, look it over.  This will help you understand what’s “normal” for your home in terms of usage, rates, etc.
  12. Examine all the windows for cracks, broken locks, ripped screens, etc.  Make repairs or get replacements as needed.
  13. If you have a porch or deck, sand and stain it (if applicable or if it hasn’t already been done this season.)
  14. Check the insulation in your attic or crawl space and replace if needed.
  15. Open a savings account just for household repairs and emergencies.  Put in a little bit of money every month.

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