11 Weird Things People Have Flushed Down the Toilet


Do plumbers have to deal with some strange stuff?

You bet we do.

For instance, check out these 11 weird things people have flushed down the toilet. Prepare to be shocked! (Please don’t try any of them yourselves…)

  1. Dentures
  2. Engagement and wedding rings
  3. Liquor bottles
  4. Pants (specifically, prisoner uniform pants)
  5. Cell phones and other electronic gadgetry
  6. Toys of every shape and size
  7. Cigarette lighters
  8. Flashlights
  9. Electric razors
  10. Toupees
  11. False eyeballs

The next time you realize that you or someone in your home has inadvertently dropped something in the commode which was then flushed down the toilet, you know who to call:

Pronto Plumbing to the rescue! We’re happy to take the “weird” out of your day.

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