10 Signs You Need a New Water Heater


Do you think your water heater might be on its last legs? After 10-12 years, most “tank” (pun intended!) But how can you tell when a new one is needed?

Below are the top 10 signs that indicate purchasing a new water heater is on the horizon:

  1. Your water heater doesn’t heat water anymore (or barely heats it.)
  2. You’ve begun to discover pieces of the anode rod (or other interior tank materials) when water flows out of faucets.
  3. Your water heater has begun to rust at the bottom.
  4. Your water heater leaks a little… or a lot.
  5. The water quality is being compromised by an old tank.
  6. Your water heater is more than 15 years old.
  7. Your water heater is making strange noises, and flushing the tank hasn’t helped.
  8. The water temperature is unpredictable.
  9. It’s begun to take longer and longer to heat the water.
  10. When the water heater is no longer sufficient for the size of your family.

Eventually, everyone needs a new water heater. So if it’s time for yours, give Pronto a call!

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