Quick Bathroom Improvements For Holiday Guests

The holidays are upon us and that means company will be calling. Are you tired of showing guests to your dated and dingy bathrooms? Here are a few simple modifications that will revitalize any dated bathroom, and make your guests feel like you’ve just done a pricier remodel.

New lighting-New lighting can transform any dark and dingy space. Try statement lighting, or for maximum light, consider installing recessed lighting.

New fixtures-Replacing old or dated faucets and fixtures (even something as simple as drawer handles) can majorly change the look of your space, bringing a fresh new feel and update.

Paint-A fresh coat of paint can create a whole new room. Light colors help to create warmth and make a space feel larger (so avoid dark colors, especially if you have a smaller space). Try and avoid “trendy now” colors that will just date the room in a few years.

Mirror Molding-Add decorative molding to mirrors that have unfinished edges. This will create a more complete, modern and expensive look, as opposed to the builder grade mirrors.

Shower doors-A quick way to change your bathroom and make it seem larger and more modern, is to install shower doors, and remove dated curtains. Shower doors make a space feel larger and more open (and are much easier to clean).

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