Is Dry Air Causing Your Home to Suffer?

Is Dry Air Causing Your Home to Suffer?

Just like your body, your home can tell when it’s getting too much, or not enough moisture. For your body, the lack of moisture in your home can cause nasal congestion, dry and cracked skin, and a scratchy throat. If your home is suffering from lack of moisture, it will offer a few different symptoms.

  • Spits or cracks in hardwoods or walls
  • Gaps in wood doors (doors no longer shut tightly)
  • Chair legs and arms are loose or wobble
  • Cracks in furniture and leather
  • Windows that let more air through or don’t seal tightly

Humidifiers are a simple solution to most of these problems. Adding moisture to the air in the cooler months will help both your physical health, and the health of your home. To learn more about humidifier and the best option for returning moisture to your home, schedule an appointment with a one of our expert technicians and make sure your home is hydrated this winter.

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