Is Geothermal For You?

Is Geothermal For You?

Geothermal systems are more efficient (up to 400%) because unlike other systems, they aren’t wasting energy or burning fuel to generate heat. Instead, they simply transfer heat to and from the earth.

How Does it Work?

A geothermal unit consists of an indoor unit and a buried earth loop. In the winter, water circulates through the loop, absorbing the heat from the earth and carries it to the home to the indoor unit. The indoor unit then compresses the heat to a higher temperature and distributes it through the house. Reversely, in the summer, the system pulls heat from the building and carries it through the loop and transfers into the earth.
Geothermal systems are preferred by homeowners who don’t want to be buying and wasting fuel, which constantly needs replaced. Geothermal systems are powered by the constantly available temperature of the earth, so as long as the earth exists, so does your power source. They are also much quieter than a traditional system, and require less components (maintenance is suggested twice a year, to check for leaks).

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