10 Strategies to Keeping Kids Occupied During the Winter

10 Strategies to Keeping Kids Occupied During the Winter WITHOUT Resorting to Technology!

When the temperature plummets and the kids start climbing the walls, it’s time for a little creative intervention from parents. We’re not talking about sitting in front of iPads and video games, either. Those may be electronic babysitting devices, but they aren’t going to engage kids productively. Instead of allowing your teens and youngsters to reach for the closest mobile device, try these strategies to make memories, not just pass the time:

  1. Stopping Stink BugsPlay A Board Game Board

    Games will always be around, namely because they’re fun to play, they require very little time to understand and they can be played by the whole family. Try Jenga, Scrabble, Monopoly or Risk to start.

  2. Teach Your Kids How to Play Cards

    The art of playing cards is a lost one for many kids growing up in a techno-savvy generation. Show your little ones that there’s more to card games than endless online games of solitaire. If you’ve never played cards, either, it will be a learning experience for everyone.

  3. Bake and Cook Together

    Baking goodies and cooking meals is a great pastime, and the skills that your kids learn can be used throughout their lives. Plus, you can secretly sneak in a little science and math. After all, measuring involves numbers, and leavening ingredients produce a variety of results depending upon which ones you choose.

  4. Build A Couch Cushion Fort

    Do you have a sofa? Then get those cushions off the frame and start building soft forts. You can also make tents using bedsheets thrown over the dining room table. It’s an inexpensive way to foster imagination.

  5. Create A Box City

    Many businesses have boxes that they will give you for free. If you can get your hands on a couple of large refrigerator boxes, or similarly big boxes, you can cut them into houses, buildings, etc. Let the kids decorate them with stickers and markers.

  6. Teach Them To Sew, Knit Or Crochet

    Does someone in your family know how to sew, knit or crochet? Winter is a good opportunity to teach this age-old skill. It won’t take long for a motivated older child or teenager to get the hang of this art form.

  7. Go For Short (or Long) Walks

    Yes, it might be miserable outside, but as long as it’s not unsafe to go outdoors, put on your warmest gear and go for a short walk. This benefits you and the kids in several ways, including exposing you to needed sunlight, getting you all exercise and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

  8. Take A Visit To The Library

    How long has it been since everyone in your family went to the library? There are tons of amazing libraries, especially in the central PA area. Head out and discover something new today at your community’s library!

  9. Write And Send Greeting Cards

    For most of us, writing and sending greeting and thank you cards is overdue. Get your kids accustomed to doing this simple method of staying in touch. The recipients will be grateful!

  10. Look Around the House for Donation Items

    Finally, try doing something for someone else this winter. Check your closets for blankets, winter coats, scarves, mittens, hats and more that can be donated to local homeless shelters or clothing donation centers. Think of it as early spring cleaning and volunteering wrapped into one!

No matter how bad the weather becomes, or how cold it gets, as long as you have a nice, toasty place to call home, there’s no reason for any kid to say, “There’s nothing to do!”

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