Make It a “Working” Vacation and Tackle That Carpentry Project!

Now that summer is in full swing, there’s no reason to leave those carpentry projects unfinished.  After all, not only do you have a little more time and energy, but you also can always contact a carpenter to help with the nuances of larger projects.

wooden gateWe did a little digging and discovered that there are plenty of carpentry projects that central PA homeowners have on their “to do” lists.  Perhaps some of the following are on yours:

  1. Sanding and re-staining furniture items (e.g., chests of drawers, tables, chairs, cabinets.)
  2. Repairing wooden railings inside/outside the home.
  3. Putting in a deck (or fixing up the wooden deck you currently have.)
  4. Adding a pet door for your pooch’s or kitty’s comfort.
  5. Installing new cabinets in your kitchen or workspace area.
  6. Building “doggy stairs” for pets who are too small or elderly to easily climb onto the bed or other high-up surface.
  7. Fixing doors throughout your house.
  8. Adding bookcases (especially those cool built-in bookshelves!) to a room.
  9. Restoring the woodwork throughout your older home.
  10. Adding or fixing a wooden gate.
  11. Adding baseboards, chair rails, and/or moldings to your rooms and/or entryways.
  12. Turning a room into a fresher space with hardwood floors or laminate.
  13. Repairing or renovating window sills.

As always, if you have carpentry projects you have wanted to tackle, but you just can’t seem to find the time, feel free to call us for a complementary estimate.

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