My Plumber hosts Peer Group…

30 Companies Converge in Virginia

30 Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Drains & Home Improvement Companies met in Virginia last week to review a prominent Plumbing & Air Conditioning company called My Plumber. Participants came from California to New Jersey, even Toronto, Canada!

Nexstar NetworkA Peer Group Meeting is a service of our Member-owned Nexstar Network,, all to promote sharing through education and to set standards for ethical Customer Service in the Home Services business.

Day 1

We started the day by meeting My Plumber Technicians – checking the neatness of their truck inventory and tools, asking questions about their skills and experience and proceeding to ask about the communications level of their Call Center with their Technicians – we wanted to know that their Customers were understood, so the right Tech arrived as they promised and the Customer was happy.

We proceeded to tour their Dispatch Center, review their Marketing, and visit their Inventory re-order procedures to make sure their trucks were stocked and ready to handle the Customer’s service request promptly. We reviewed their Heating & Air Conditioning Installation procedures to know that their Comfort Consultants were well-educated and informed on all the latest and greatest advances in heating, air conditioning and indoor air cleaning. Very impressive!

Day 2…

On Day 2, we met in “round table” fashion with other invited Peers to compare our notes; what were My Plumber doing well & what areas could My Plumber improve? After compiling our Top 6, we whittled it down to our Top 3 over-arching items that we’ve learned. After Lunch, we met with the My Plumber Management & Owners and our appointed table spokesperson shared our discoveries.

Excellent customer service and a great place to work rang true from all the visiting companies – My Plumber is truly a company of dedicated staff and owners. Of course, truly great companies, are always more interested in “what we can do to improve”, rather than confirming the good things.

My Plumber’s operations are sound, solid and well-respected, by their peers, competitors and Customers!

By in large, the largest improvement potential boiled down to rallying everyone around a 5 Year Plan that has every team member understanding the future expectations My Plumber owners have for this 35 year old business. Once their Customers know that My Plumber also offers expert Heating & Air Conditioning Service & Installation, we agreed that their growth is limitless!

We all left with several Operational Ideas, and the same 5 Year Plan “to do & share”. After 32 years of owning and operating this small business, so many things seem obvious UNTIL you visit with other companies willing to open their businesses to help others and improve the Homeowners perception of tradespeople. Thank You & kudos to My Plumber & our Nexstar Organization & Members!

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