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Sewer Repair Services

Sewer See Snake and Sewer RepaorDo you have a sewer issue that requires repair? Maybe you don’t know if your sewer system needs repaired or replaced. No need to worry, Pronto Plumbers have all of the tools available to inspect your drains and sewer lines to see what the best solution would be for your home. Our plumbers will use a video camera to check the health of your drains and sewer lines and the best ways to ward off a possibly bigger problem.

Slow Drains? There are many potential problems, below are some of the more common issues:

Foreign Objects in the main drain:

Everything that goes your drain intentionally or unintentionally could get caught up on a rough spot, crack, or bend in your homes pipes. Eventually as the foreign object collects more material and other objects, it will begin to block your drainage system. This can be a problem that grows slowly or happens in a very short time, but nevertheless make sure you know what you are flushing or putting down your drains.

Some things to avoid flushing or rinsing down the sink are potato skins, rice, pasta, onion skins, meat bones, diapers, paper towels, wash cloths, and paper products not safe for sewers.

Collapsed Pipe:

If your sewer pipe is partially collapsed you may be noticing a slower flushing or draining. The pipe my still allow a small amount of water to pass through but will continue to collapse over time, and will soon cause a bigger problem. This situation can be caused from extreme pressure exerted on the pipe or from deterioration of the pipe over time. A partially collapsed pipe could eventually lead to a fully collapsed pipe.

A fully collapsed pipe will quickly become noticeable in a couple ways. Your drains will become clogged very quickly and may back up. If the waste water is allowed through the collapsed part of the pipe it will begin to leak into your yard, creating a un-healthy situation and potentially creating a sink-hole.

Both of these situations will require a repair of the main drain line but the type of repair may be different depending on the situation and conditions around your home.

Partially and Fully Collapsed Pipe
Partially (left) and Fully (right) Collapsed Pipes

Check out this video of a Collapsing & Bellied Pipe!

Pipe Belly:

Pipe belly usually forms around the joints of two sections of pipe and is often caused from extreme pressures or improperly installed sewer pipes. Pipe belly is a slower and less noticeable drain problem, but can eventually cause a big problem if left alone. Common symptoms of pipe belly are slower draining in plumbing fixtures such as the sink and toilet, and water backing up in the drains of your home. If you begin to notice that water is backing up in your basement floor drain, you could be experiencing a pipe belly problem or one of many other drain problems.

Progression of pipe belly

Pipe Misalignment:

Similar to pipe belly, misalignment is the separation of a connection between two sections of pipe. This problem is caused by improper installation or extreme pressures. The symptoms of pipe misalignment are very similar to collapsed or bellied pipe.

Stages of pipe misalignment
Stages of pipe misalignment

Tree Roots:

Don’t let that beautiful maple tree in your front yard cause a problem every time you run a load of laundry or run the dishwasher. Tree roots can grow into the smallest crease or crack in your pipes and will cause a big problem over time. If you end up having tree roots growing in your sewage system, you will eventually have to have the section of pipe replaced. The roots can be cut out, but over time the tree will win and will eventually crush the sewer pipe.

Root infiltration in sewer line
Stages of root growth in sewer line

If you think your home may have any of the above issues, or are unsure, call Pronto Plumbing now at 717.533.1057 to have a Professional Drain Technician inspect your drain lines. We will provide you with the best repair options for your specific situation.