DriWay Drain

What Could Be Worse Than Water Damage? Don’t let water ruin your floor again! Get a DriWay Drain system installed by Pronto Plumbing and let your worries go next time it rains.

Sue heard it start to rain – she always does. It’s not the gentle rain that grows grass greener, or brings the flowers to bloom proudly, or a rain that cools a hot summer day. No, it’s a pounding rain. One that hits the pavement so hard, it bounces several inches, splashing against even more raindrops! She knows what’s next!

It’s time to run for the towels and place them strategically along the threshold of the front door, first on the outside, then inside. She makes a seemingly impenetrable wall – no one could get out, and better yet, no damaging rain water could get in. But the towels are thirsty and absorb the water that creeps under the front door!

The towels become heavy with the weight of the water and dirt particles, washed from the driveway into her home. “Bring the bucket and wring out the towels”, only to send them back to the damming.
 Through years of battling, the hardwood floor loses its luster and curls at the edges. After all, Sue’s busy working and taking care of her family and can’t always be attentive when such disaster strikes.
 Pronto Plumber Installing the DriWay Drain System in a Customers Drive wayUpon arriving, Dustin and Barry saw the slope of the macadam driveway toward the house and knew the solution. So many homes like this one have battled the forces of nature, only to concede to the damage being caused. But Dustin and Barry knew there’s a way to fight back! They built a channel system into the base of the driveway that diverts the water to a natural drainage area. The channel is strong enough to drive over, and large enough to carry whatever surface water Mother Nature sends its way! Ha! Victory!
 And just in time! The drainage system was done just in time for the heavy rains of October, and the fast melting and record-setting snow we “enjoyed”. Another flood avoided and towels saved!
 Driway Drain | Pronto Plumbing Drive Way Drainage SystemSue admits that she “still awakens to the sound of rainfall and runs for the towels” only to find her entryway dry. Maybe after another rain or two, she’ll be relaxed enough to sleep through the rainfall, knowing the drainage system is quietly protecting her home.
The only regret Sue has about the whole job? “I wish I would have done it sooner!”
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