Pronto Plumbing’s Safety Plan

We provide the essential services you and your family rely on to keep your home and family healthy and comfortable.

We’d like to assure you that we are monitoring our service teams to make sure our technicians are not coming into your homes with a knowing illness or symptoms of the same. We are taking precautionary measures as follows:

  •         No Handshakes – fist-bumps or elbow-bumps are recommended
  •         Frequent hand-washing
  •         Wearing gloves
  •         Coughing or sneezing into their elbows (we’ve trained this for years)
  •         Sharing finger foods – French fries, chips, etc. (No eating out-of-the-bag)
  •         Technicians are sanitizing their iPads, iPhones
  •         Team Members who can work from home are doing so
  •         We are practicing social distancing

Not Reaching to shake hands with Customers is very difficult, yet our word and promise is just as strong as always. We’re looking forward to shaking hands & sharing personal spaces when this is over. Many of the habits of cleanliness will remain in place, as we’ve developed strong respect for challenging viruses and bacterial spread. I’m sure we’ll wash our hands more frequently, use more hot water and be more mindful about our work habits.

We are frequently asked if our Indoor Air Quality Products are an effective defense against this virus.

Our initial answer was “we don’t know”.

The truth is, our manufacturers just don’t know yet. Many of our products use Germicidal Ultraviolet light – and are effective defense mechanisms against “similar” viruses.

I use them at home and fully believe in them.

Rest assured that as soon as we know of effective products against this strain of the Coronavirus, we’ll offer proven and tested solutions.

Thank You,
Barry Kindt

President & Owner

Safety No-Contact Service
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