Pronto Plumbing Service Partner Membership Program

Why Choose Pronto Plumbing 

When your home has a plumbing or HVAC  issue, you want it fixed PRONTO! Not when it’s convenient for your handyman to get out to fix it, that’s if they even answer the phone or call you back. Pronto Plumbing & SECCO Home Services is dedicated to delivering fast, prompt, and quality plumbing service for your home.

Why Pronto Plumbing & SECCO Home Services? How about friendly and prompt service at your door today! Technicians at your door, PRONTO!

Benefits of Being a Member

HVAC Bi Annual Whole System Check

Recommended by manufacturers and utility providers, regularly scheduled service may reduce breakdown by as much as 95% and lower utility bills by 30%. This program covers two system checks annually for one system. Coverage for additional systems is available.

Plumbing System Check

Your peace of mind is our goal. We will assess your home’s plumbing systems to ensure they are in safe operating condition. Annual Plumbing system checks are highly recommended by insurance carriers

Home Services System Checks


-Complete check of water and drain lines inside and under home

-Check all fixtures and faucets for leaks and functionality

-Water heater system check

-Dye test toilets and inspect washing machine hoses

-Check and tag emergency shut offs

Heating & Air

-Examine and check safety controls

-Inspect inside coils for proper air flow (where accessible)

-Check thermostat calibration

-Measure temperature differential between supply and return air

-Test starting components

-Test for proper amp draw of motors

-Visually inspect and evaluate duct work layout and design

-Check capacitors

-Check operation pressure (refrigerant charge)

Service Partner Program (SPP) Details

The Membership that Benefits You!

Welcome to our Service Partner Program! This is the membership that benefits YOU! When you join the (SECCO Home Services) Service Partner Program you will benefit from a program that is centered around you and your home. Sign up now!

Service Partner Program Benefits

-Priority Service

-Up to 10 % Discount on all Services

-100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed


-High- Performance Tune-Ups

-Home Safety Check-Ups

-Plumbing System Checks


 Get up to a 10% Discount All Year

When you join our Service Partner Program, you receive up to a 10% discount off Heating & Air, Plumbing and Drain services for as long as your plan remains in effect. Some exclusions do apply.

Joining is Easy!

  1. Ask your expert technician or call (717) 470-8201 for an application
  2. Choose a form of payment. Only $9 per month!
  3. We’ll take it from here! The SECCO Home Services and Pronto Plumbing team will remind you when it’s time for your checks.
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