Pronto Plumbing Featured in Cleaner Magazine!


From structured process protocols for each and every job to giving customers free sewer line inspections, Pronto Plumbing definitely is not a conventional plumbing and drain cleaning company.

  And when combined with an emphasis on   investments in advanced, productivity-enhancing   equipment —  especially trenchless pipeline rehab   technology — co-owners Barry Kindt and John   Gribble have created a unique formula for success at   the company, based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

 “We do operate completely different than most       plumbing companies,” Gribble says. “We believe   everything is about image and creating comfort for   customers that use our services. “Providing a better   customer experience creates a better image. And we   do that by offering to inspect sewer lines before they   become an issue, by running service calls the same   way every time and by having a well-stocked   warehouse and trucks so technicians can provide   solutions to problems every day of the week.”

 The numbers speak for themselves. With 53   employees, diverse service offerings that include   electrical and HVAC, a fleet of 22 service vehicles   and  an ever-growing roster of machines and   equipment,   Pronto Plumbing has grown   considerably since Kindt founded it in 1998.

 Gribble says Kindt, whom he describes as a mentor,   deserves most of the credit for the “visionary”   approach to growing a company. “He’s a very driven   man and his hobby is business. He’s been very   inspirational to my career.”


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