Prepping Your Home for an Extended Vacation

It’s finally time to prepare for your vacation. You’ve assembled your packing list and are ready to go. Just remember, if you’re in vacation mode, your house needs to be as well.
Before you go, run through this checklist:

  • AC- If you’re leaving your unit running, set it to a higher temperature (80-85 degrees).
  • Water Heater– Most newer models have a “Vacation” mode. Use this setting and the water heater will run less frequently.
  • Refrigerator– Throw out perishables and things that will expire while you’re gone!
  • Plumbing– Turn off the water main, then turn on faucets and outdoor spigots to let any remaining water drain, then turn the faucets off again. No water means no leaks or bursts while you’re gone! Keep in mind appliances that require water to run (ice makers and automatic sprinklers).
  • Traps/Garbage Disposals/Drains– Clean them! You won’t be running water as frequently so anything stuck in there can cause an unpleasant odor in your home.
  • Washers/Dishwashers– Make sure they’re empty and leave them open to air out if possible.
  • Small appliances– Unplug any unnecessary appliances or items that could surge in a storm (TV’s, computers).
  • Lights– You don’t want to leave all your lights on, but remember, all lights out can signal burglars that you’re not home. Leave a few on for security, or if you have a timer system, utilize that.

As a final tip, have a neighbor or a friend check on you r house if you will be gone for an extended amount of time. They can turn on/off lights for you nightly and also check your mail so it doesn’t pile up and alert any unwanted visitors.
Now that you’ve thought of everything, enjoy your vacation!

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