Telltale Signs Your Air Conditioner isn’t the Right Size for You

Telltale Signs Your Air Conditioner isn’t the Right Size for You

When you want immediate relief from the summer heat, it’s easy to think that the bigger and better the air conditioner, the more effectively your home will be cooled. This is a common misconception that will actually ineffectively cool your home! A common struggle for homeowners in summer, is determining what size AC unit is best for their home.
If your unit is too big for your home, it will turn on and shut off constantly. The unit conditions the air faster, quickly reaching the desired temperature, and then immediately shuts off. But you want it to cool faster, right? Wrong! To remove moisture from the air, your AC unit needs longer run times. If it’s frequently shutting off, it doesn’t have the opportunity to properly dehumidify your home. Check your run times; if your unit runs for less than 10 minutes before shutting off, it’s too big for your home.
In comparison, your unit may be too small for your home if you notice that it runs for long periods of time but your house isn’t properly cooled or the air still feels “muggy.”
If your unit is the correct size, it will run a little bit longer each cycle, effectively reducing the moisture from the air and cooling your home.

Some Additional Tips:

  • Don’t block your outdoor unit with shrubs and plants! Giving it room to breathe and properly ventilate will help its overall efficiency.
  • Use your ceiling fan! Most people think that they need to choose between the AC and a ceiling fan in order to conserve electricity. Actually, ceiling fans work with your unit to provide an artificial wind chill factor, which makes you feel more comfortable at higher temperatures (which can reduce the wear and tear of your unit).  Fans also help circulate the air more effectively, especially if you have large spaces such as vaulted ceilings or large open spaces.

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