Should you DIY or call a professional?

Okay – you’re a DIYer, which means you can handle tons of home projects.  You clean gutters with ease, you are unafraid to install a water heater, and you can even replace a light fixture.  But every now and then, you’re likely to come across a project that leaves you asking the question: “Should I DIY or call a professional?”

Below are a few projects that are best tackled by a pro:

  • Anything with electricity (unless you’re 100 percent comfortable with the procedure.)  Believe us – it’s worth not getting shocked!
  • Anything that requires a specialized tool or piece of equipment that a) you don’t have; or b) you are unfamiliar with using.
  • Anything that would take you much, much longer to do than it would a professional.  At some point, you won’t be saving money by DIY; you’ll just be wasting your precious time that could be spent with friends and family.
  • Anything that has to be done today… and you can’t “get around to it” until the weekend.  This especially includes plumbing emergencies.  The longer you wait, the worse the problem could get.

Just know that making the query as to whether or not you should DIY or call a professional isn’t an admission of weakness.  It’s actually a sign that you’re a responsible homeowner.

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