20kW Onan-Cummins Standby Generator Installation in Hershey

Standby Generator Installation in Hershey

Today we’re going to take you on a visit with Quicktricity Electric on the job site if a Onan Cummins 20kW standby generator in Hershey PA.

Forrest Healey, a Quicktricity Electrician is installing a 3600 RPM, 20kW Onan Cummins generator. This standby generator was deemed the title of “the Worlds Quietest Standby Generator”.

The Benefits of the 20kW Onan Generator:

This generator will transfer power from the incoming service to the generator itself automatically. This assures the homeowner that there will always be power to the home no matter what the weather dishes out on the power service coming to the home.

Why is it “The Worlds Quietest Generator”?

This particular generator looks a little different than most standby generators, especially when you take a look at the lid of cover that is on the top of the generator. The lid is actually bigger than the generator itself. This lid actually works as a muffler to suppress the loud sounds that are produced by the motor, similar the way the muffler works on your car. Another reason this is such a quiet generator is because the engine is designed to run much more quiet than most other generator engines manufactured.

The reliability of Onan Cummins Generators

This generator comes with a 5 year parts and labor warranty and as an option you can add an additional extended warranty to the generator as well as scheduled maintenance to ensure it is performing efficiently through the generators lifetime.

Listen to that Generator!

With generator lid open, it is at a similar noise level that most other generators run at with their lids closed.

Now with the same Onan generator running, we closed the lid and the sound level was much less than a traditional standby generator. You can even see in our Onan generator video that Forrest didn’t need to speak over the generator in a loud volume once the lid was closed. And once you’re inside the home there is even less noticeable noise.

For more information on standby generator installation, call Quicktricity Electric TODAY at 717.533.1012! Or visit the Quicktricity Page.

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