What’s In Your Duct System?

What’s In Your Duct System?

Most people don’t pay attention to one of the most important parts of a healthy home. The part of the home that distributes the air throughout your home and keeps it comfortable can also have a lot of dirt, dust, and other unpleasant airborne contaminants stuck inside it, which keep circulating through the home over and over again.

Ductwork is like your home’s lungs,
keep them clean and keep your lungs clean.

Have you seen what the inside of your ductwork looks like recently? If you haven’t, take a look at your 1″ disposable air filter the next time you change it (hopefully monthly). See all that gray “dust” that the filter has collected? Now imagine all of that dust and dirt that is on your air filter from just that 1 month stuck in your ductwork, multiplied by the age of your home… That’s a lot of dirt that could be recirculating through your home’s air.

Dirty Ductwork
Click the picture of the dirty ductwork for a larger view!

Check out this picture of a customer’s dirty ductwork… That customer was breathing air that was passing over that dirt, carrying the dust with it!

Thorough duct cleaning performed by SECCO Home Services
This is the same ductwork pictured on the right after a duct cleaning by SECCO Home Services

More than dust and dirt!

The airborne pollutants that are potentially in your dirty ductwork can be more than meets the eye. It could look like dust and dirt, but what’s really inside that “dust” and “dirt”? That gray dust can range from simple airborne dust to construction debris, soot (if you have an oil furnace), mold, house insulation, dander, dust mites, airborne germs, smoke, and pollen (seasonal).

If it’s in your air filter, and it’s getting stuck in your ductwork, then chances are you are breathing those airborne particles in as well. Just like your lungs, your ductwork is the system that distributes air through the entire home, shouldn’t it be providing the healthiest air possible?

Not only is all of this a potential health risk or discomfort to you or your household, but all that dust and dirt buildup can cause wear and tear on your heating or air conditioning system and possibly a premature failure of your heat pump or air conditioner.

There’s More?!?

We found these items in some of our customer's ductwork!Not only have we found dirt, dust, and all that other nasty stuff that makes up that gray “dusty” buildup in your air filter and ductwork, but take a look at this picture of what else we’ve discovered in customer’s ductwork while on duct inspections and duct cleanings!

Soda cans, dog toys, children’s blocks, and whiffle balls? You wouldn’t believe the stuff that gets stuck in ductwork!

Interested in what’s in your ductwork?

If you’re experiencing one or more of these top 7 symptoms of dirty ductwork in your home, you should call a professional duct cleaner to inspect and potentially offer duct cleaning options for your home.

Top 7 Reasons People Call for Air Duct Inspections:

  1. Medical-Respiratory Concerns
  2. Dirt Stains (around registers and returns)
  3. Odors
  4. Hot or Cold Rooms
  5. Duct Accumulation on Furniture or TV
  6. Loss of System-Efficiency – High Energy Costs
  7. Previous Experience with Dirty Ductwork

Call us today at 717.254.4555 for a duct inspection or a duct cleaning and start breathing better in your own home!

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