Well Pumps

“My well pump just stopped working!”

Well pump stopped working in showerIt’s early morning and you get up to take a shower to start your day. Your morning shower is what you need to kick start your day and while you’re lathering the shampoo in your hair the water suddenly stops flowing from the showerhead. You check the faucet handles and they’re still on. You begin to wonder what happened to your water supply as the shampoo still sits lathered up in your hair. Then it dawns on you, maybe there is a problem with your well pump

Well Pump Repair or Replacement

Unfortunately for anyone who isn’t hooked up to a municipal water supply, there is always a risk that your well pump may stop working properly. This can be caused by a number of issues but many of them require professional help.

We understand how important it is to have a dependable water supply to your home so that’s why our Expert Plumbers are prepared to help you get your well pump repaired or replaced Pronto! Call us TODAY at 717.533.1057 or fill out our online service request form. For 24/7 well pump service, please call 717.533.1057 or enter your information on our immediate after-hours service form.